School of Transformation & Spiritual Wisdom

We offer courses in Alternative Health and Well-being, Yoga, Transformation and Life Purpose, Spiritual Wisdom and Content Creation & Spiritual Tools for Spiritual Businesses.


"The workshop provided me with a strategy to connect to an inner dialogue that was amazingly insightful. I better understood how rooted particular resistances are in my psyche and daily operations. Thank you, Cyndi! This was a great workshop and pivot for a self-transformation!

Kristina, Professor, CO

Movement and Breath

Journal and Transform

Spiritual Wisdom

Hi, I'm Cyndi!

I take a Mystics approach to get to the root causes of unresolved health issues, finding purpose in life, and helping people get unstuck and live the life they desire.

This is achieved through designing courses and providing teachings that allow students to have their own experience.

My courses are designed support your overall health, life, purpose, and soul growth & transformation.

My background includes over 20 years creating content for organizations and working in HR, OD and Training, creating content for Universities, designing content for solopreneurs and practitioners, coaching others on their content creation, and creating content for my business as a Holistic Health & Metaphysical Practitioner.


Cyndi P Stewart, PhD

Akashic Records/Spiritual Path Coaching 

Nutritional Alchemy & Kundalini Yoga